• Reduces risk of exposure to yourself and others.

  • Easy Self-Collection of your blood sample with finger-stick.

  • Results Received Electronically

  • Professional Analysis by a CLIA Licensed and

  • CAP Accredited Laboratory

Residents of NY, NJ, RI - please have your ordering provider fax orders to: 931-313-5797, complete with your name and phone number and we will verify and call you back. ALL other states can order directly from this site.

FOR COVID -19 test is available in all states but NY. We know, we are sorry. Talk to your legislators.



  • Order your test to be delivered to your home overnight

  • Put 4 drops of blood from your finger in kit (supplies included)

  • Fill out form and overnight in bag fedex bag enclosed

  • Test your parents and children.

  • Reduce exposure to an overwhelmed healthcare system. 

  • Reduce Spreading the Corona Virus by knowing if you have it.  

Available in the USA and

Available Globally from the Geneva Lab

No Discrimination - For everyone

Call for Institutional Quote 

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We are a seasoned team of Doctors and Serial Entrepreneurs

We have all worked tirelessly to help make healthcare available to all regardless of their income or social status. As Doctors, Pharmacists, Chiropractors and Healthcare IT Developers we have worked together to bring you FairPrice Labs for the best of Healthcare access and price. We have cut-out the greed in the markups of care and made them direct to you to avoid prices being out-of-reach. We are proud of our work and value your opinion so that we can always be your go-to source for Lab Work and early intervention. 


We look forward to serving you and helping you obtain optimum health. 

Check out our blog from doctors and pharmacists advising you on what medications and conditions require testing on a regular basis to make certain you are monitoring what is happening internally that can affect you health.Your health is your first priority and we provide you tools and insight to make it the best it can be. 


I saved over $300 on just a few lab tests. I am telling all my friends. The Doctor was so nice and explained everything. 

Oh wow. It was Menopause. I had no idea.My husband said this test was much cheaper than a divorce!

I now know why I wasn't losing weight and it was not my fault! That was the best part. Took results to my doc and got healthy. 

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Thank you for being a part of the movement to lower the costs of healthcare. Healthcare news and lab testing news available on our blog. Also learn about symptoms and medications you take that require testing.



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