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How to Choose a Test

  • How can these prices be so low?
    Simple, we are a socially concious company dedicated to delivering the lowest cost prices to you which means we eliminate the rich mark-ups other vendors have. Why? We feel that together we can lower the costs of all healthcare services if as a team we all start paying only the FAIR PRICE for services. We will grow with you. The more you help us spread the word and get more customers for labs then we can add other healthcare services at Fair Prices too. Together we all can drive the healthcare market to deliver services at Fair Prices.
  • Do I need insurance to get these prices?
    Nope! We get this question all the time. All we ask is that you tell all your friends and family so they can save too and we can keep our prices low and maybe even get them lower! It's all about supply and demand. We are a national company so spread the word! If you are insured and yopur plan partifipates
  • How do I get my lab resutls?
    If you are healthy and all is well we will send you an email letting you know how to download your results and how to share them with your Primary Care Physician or Specialist. If there are several irregularities someone from our CareTeam will call you as well. Keep in mind some doctors may want to repeat a lab after a certain amount of time to confirm the irregularity is still present. You can always re-order whatever the doctor needs directly with us or ask him to join our team and he can order for you at these fabulous prices. On average it can take from 1 to 10 days to get results back based on the lab tests ordered.
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