Heart Health

Why Should I Monitor My Heart Health?

Your blood offers many clues about your overall health and especially about your heart health. Often times there may be changes happening while there are no outward symptoms or a symptom appears and is dismissed as something else. We see it in the headlines frequently about an active student or athlete who suddenly dies on the ball field or on their morning jog. It is important to know where you are now so if changes begin to happen you and your doctor can evaluate, treat and monitor future changes.

Blood tests can evaluate if changes are happening that increase your risk of a cardiac event or if you have already had one. Checking the levels of certain fats, cholesterol, sugar and proteins in your blood can indicate if you are at risk for CHD, (Coronary Heart Disease). Some blood tests will detect anemia which can increase your risk of CHD.

During a heart attack muscles cells die and release proteins into the bloodstream.


How to Choose Heart Health Lab Tests: There are a few ways to approach Heart Health. If you are reading this and are having difficulty breathing or any other chest pain please go to an Emergency Department or call 911 immediately.

Otherwise choose a profile that best matches you and start testing there:

1. I am in good health and exercise daily or several times per week.

Establish a Wellness Baseline and test with the Wellness Package for Men or Women.

2. I think I am healthy and exercise randomly but live an active lifestyle overall.

Wellness Packages will establish a baseline and add a test if your have a family history of CHD, Coronary Heart Disease.

3. I don't exercise and still maintain my weight.

Hormones can affect our weight and heart. Let's check on how you are now and start with a Thyroid Panel and Lipid Panel plus a Cholesterol Screen, Testosterone for Men and Hormone Panel for Women

4. I don't exercise and I am overweight from a little to a lot.

You don't need us to tell you this is high risk behavior but we are going to do it anyway. It doesnt matter how you got here what matters is how we can help you move from here to a healthier lifestyle. Let's take a good look at whats going on inside of you metabolically. It might not be your fault. These tests we suggest you take and bring the results to your doctor to discuss your options on how to improve the quality of your life. Just like in nature no two apples are exactly the same so it goes with doctors. I f one does not help you address your health concerns regarding your weight and lifestyle then go to another and another until you find the one who will partner WITH YOU to get better health. Start with these labs:

Heart Health Comprehensive

Thyroid Panel

Diabetes Screening

Remember you come first and so does your health. This is much cheaper than doing nothing and much less than waiting for the dire consequences of a heart attack that can lead to disability or death.

Dedicated. Determined. Dependable. That's our commitment to you.

Always FAIR in our pricing.

Always deliver QUALITY service.

Thank you for being a part of the movement to lower the costs of healthcare. Also learn about symptoms and medications you take that require testing. Due to the nature of the discount program all sales are final. This allows us to keep delivering the lowest prices possible. All lab orders are valid for 6 months to be completed.



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