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Helpful in assessing testicular function in male and managing hirsutism, virilization in females.

For women, children, and hypogonadal males, in whom we expect very low testosterone concentrations, the advantages of LC/MS/MS technology are very important. LC/MS/MS can separate out interfering and structurally similar compounds. Direct immunoassays can suffer significant cross-reactivity from testosterone-like compounds, causing erroneous results. Therefore, they are not recommended for low level testosterone quantitation. In 2007, the Endocrine Society recommended use of extraction and chromatography followed by either immunoassay or mass spectrometry for measuring low testosterone concentrations.

Direct immunoassays, however, are still suitable for measuring testosterone levels in adult males, in whom the levels are expected to be higher. In addition, immunoassays have typically a faster turnaround time.

We can not order this test for children at this time.

Can our LC/MS/MS test measure testosterone and epitestosterone separately?

Most healthy males have a testosterone to epitestosterone ratio of about 1:1. Since exogenous administration of testosterone does not affect epitestosterone levels in the body, the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone has been used to identify athletes who might be using illegal anabolic steroids. Epitestosterone may potentially interfere with LC/MS/MS determinations. Therefore, we designed our assay to separate epitestosterone from testosterone. We do NOT measure or report epitestosterone in our current LC/MS/MS testosterone method. If an epitestosterone measurement is required, we suggest you approach a testing site that uses a World Anti-doping Agency (WADA)-approved assay.

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