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Why Should I Take This Test?

Let's face it ladies, there is not much about being a woman that is easy or inexpensive from our hair, hose, handbags and hormones we have a price tag to look and feel our personal best. We are worth it too. We make, deliver and raise babies while juggling jobs and the men in our lives, chasing illustrious careers, inventing, catching up with men in STEM careers, entrepreneurial challenges, laundry, dinner and homework, gardening, church activities, volunteering - not tired yet, did you pick up the dry cleaning and plan that party, birthday party, buy a new outfit for it, drop off the kids... yeah you can fill in the rest that fits your life - we need to be our best, strongest healthiest me everyday.

We simply asked how would you want your wife, mother or sister to be evaluated to optimize her hormone health and they delivered what they want for their families not what an insurance company asks for. SO let's get healthier ladies!

Our systems are heavily run by our hormones as they affect every major organ and function in our bodies. Too much of this and not enough of that and libido and energy is zapped and we are on a highway to misery. We deserve to function at our best at any age.

Speaking of age - What Age to Test?

The great myth about hormone imbalance is that many young women think this only happens to older ladies while it strikes most commonly to women from age 30 - 60. Yes 30! So having babies disrupts the balance as some may have learned as well as outside influences, medications, stress, recreational drugs, physical activity or lack thereof. I So, before your favorite designer gets more of your money for a handbag, or eyewear or whatever your passion is that lets them have a jet set lifestyle, let's get you looking and feeling your personal best and ready to achieve your goals - today!

Estradiol II,
Testosterone total and free
Vitamin D 25 hydroxy

Test Prep: None Indicated

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